Similar to STK's Canon BP-808 Battery Charger - for Canon BP-807, BP-808, BP-809, BP-819, BP-827 camcorder batteries and these Canon Camcorders: Canon XA10, Vixia HF G10, HF M40, HF M41, HF200, HF S21, HF10, HF20, HF M400, HF S200, HF100, HF S100, HF S30, HF S20, HG20, HF S10, HF11, HG21, HF G20, HF S11, HF M300, HF M31, HF M30, Canon FS100, FS200, FS300, FS10, FS11, FS31, FS21, FS22, FS21, Canon Legria HF S200, HF200, HF S100, CG-800