Who Says Scooters Are Just For Kids?

Happy New Year from the Trustwerty Team! Now that it's finally 2017, we're ready to spring back into action – giving you the scoop on the best products you can find online to help make your life easier, more interesting, comfortable, beautiful, fun...you get the picture.

Speaking of fun, we've got to let you know about the Razor A5 Lux Scooter. One of our team members initially noticed this was a popular gift choice among parents in her neighborhood this year. A week into 2017 – she also noticed that the parents who purchased this scooter were sailing down the street on it more often than their kids. After some investigation, she figured out the magic of this model. It has a weight capacity of up to 225 pounds and it's telescoping handle bars can make even those in the 6-foot range feel in control. The larger front wheel offers increased safety for kids, as well as those of us who have a deep respect for the laws of gravity.

Will you look cool riding the Razor A5 Lux? No. Absolutely not, so get that right out of your head. Even teens look a little oversized on it's deck. But the A5 Lux makes up for this fact by offering something much better – the chance to feel like a kid again. Ready to try it out for your self? Just click here.

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